Love Lundell | Teckningsmuseet i Laholm
The official website of Stockholm based artist Love Lundell.
Art, paintings, painting, paint, prints, print, oil, canvas, color, shellack, MDF, artwork, konst, konstverk, konstnär, målare, målningar, tryck, screentryck, litografi, litografier, officiell hemsida, seriegrafi, måleri
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Teckningsmuseet i Laholm

Papercollages/drawings made for a group show with Johan Björkegren titled “Tillstånd” at Teckningsmuseet in Laholm. January 20th – May 20th 2018

välliste vortex

Välliste Vortex / Kollage på papper (paper collage) / 55 x 55 cm / 2017

you are the exxon valdez of my heart

You are the Exxon Valdez of my heart/ Kollage på papper (paper collage) / 40 x 50 cm / 2017


Hugs / Kollage på papper (paper collage) / 40 x 50 cm / 2017


Lagoon / Kollage på papper (paper collage) / 50 x 50 cm / 2017


Exhibited work, Paper collage